The Organisers of the Penang Yosakoi Parade have decided that the event will be postponed until a later date. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused. For the official statement.

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We are an amateur Yosakoi dance event held in Penang, Malaysia.
And we welcome all schools and dance groups from all around the world to participate in the heart of UNESCO World Heritage George Town

私たちはマレーシアのペナン、ユネスコの世界遺産ジョージタウンの中心に開催されるアマチュアよさこいダンスイベントです。 世界中のすべての学校とダンスグループを歓迎します。


What we are

Penang Yosakoi Parade is the first and only Yosakoi Parade in Malaysia. Possibly the biggest Yosakoi Parade to be held on a Street in Southeast Asia, our event attracts over 1000 parade participants and 10,000 people every year!


An eclectic mash-up of Yosakoi and Natsu Matsuri (Summer Carnival), Penang Yosakoi offers the best of Penang’s UNESCO Heritage to the World.

The World to Penang through an exchange of culture through Yosakoi! So, YO-SA-KOI – which means to ‘Come at Night’, Come join the Penang Yosakoi Parade!!


(Participation is totally Free!)






よさこいを通じた文化交流を通じたペナンへの      世界!ペナンよさこいパレードに参加してください!!




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Penang Yosakoi Parade was created to bring people together to celebrate the human spirit, to encourage creative participation and to show our care for Mother Earth.