Penang    Sakura


Dedicate a tree


whatever your reason for dedicating a tree, you'll be leaving a lasting mark on Penang's scenery 

    s part of our efforts to help Green Penang, we have launched a project called Penang Sakura San San San (or 333 in Japanese).  We are looking to plant 333 trees in conjunction with MBPP’s broader project to plant 33,333 trees in 5 years and chose to do it with the Tabebuia Rosea - popularly known as the Penang Sakura for its similarity to the iconic Sakura tree of Japan.  It is called Pokok Kertas Tissu in  Malay and 紫绣球 in Chinese. 


We start the project with Penang Sakura being planted in the Esplanade, to create a photo-worthy attraction among the many historical sights of George Town!  Imagine Penang with its own Sakura season with pink petalled trees lining along many Penang roads and alleyways to delight both tourists and residents alike! Join in the effort to create beautiful memories and a lasting legacy for Penang for you and your loved ones! 

You can dedicate a tree to yourself, a loved one, friends, your children, your parents... anyone!   Just click on the link and follow the procedure.  Once we have received your dedication, you will see two lasting legacies of your effort:-  1) tree(s) planted in Penang  and 2) a chance to create a website dedication 


Step 1:  Write your dedication, which will also be posted on the website for sharing, viewing, and for posterity! 

Step 2:  We work with the Penang City Council to identify roads/streets/parks where we want to re-create a Sakura effect.  The prime location of the Esplanade has been earmarked as the first area where the Penang Sakura will be planted, followed by others.  Your tree when planted, will be slotted into our Penang Sakura Map so that you and future generations will be able to find your tree and see how it grows and spreads the joy!